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Leslene della-Madre, Author
October 2nd-4th, 2009
Ocean Song ~ Occidental, CA

Soul retrieval is a sacred shamanic process involving the calling back into oneness the fragments of the soul that have been lost through traumatic soul loss. My work has involved soul retrieval of the Sacred Feminine for many years from the time I first studied the shamanic practice 20 years ago. I have subsequently developed my own method of healing from my observations over the years. I began to see that all the soul loss I was encountering was due to one factor-the loss of the feminine soul. (See my article Soul Retrieval of the Sacred Feminine). I have worked extensively with women (and some men) in retrieving their connection to the Sacred Feminine Divine. My area of focus is with women because I believe that when women are re-stored to our place of true, authentic power, all life will follow.

This retreat will focus on releasing grief and re-storing ourselves to power through connecting with the elements, the land, finding our power song in nature, being in silence, dakini practices, Peruvian shamanic empowerment practices, expressing joy and love through song and dance and more! There is also room for the spontaneous to arise. The restoration/resurrection of joy and love as living expressions of women's true nature is essential to our healing. Women's true spirituality is ecstatic. We are ecstatic beings. We carry a 5,000 year- old burden of profound abuse, most of which is unspoken and unaddressed. When we consciously choose to heal from this extensive wounding our healing heals our entire mother line. In working together, we will heal our mother lines, and stand as the sacred shield bearers in strength, beauty and courage so that we may send our transmission throughout the cosmos, as our foremothers, grandmothers and ansisters did before us in their sacred rituals, giving birth to true tantric practice. Though I am the facilitator, my retreats are designed to be collaborative. I encourage empowerment for each woman, and we co-create our collective experience.

Accommodations are simple dorm style lodging with ten futons as well as camping. There is more room for ten more futons/mats if women would like to bring their own. The lodging areas will double as meeting areas, so people staying in these spaces need to be able to put their belongings to the side during the day. Ocean Song is a simple, beautiful venue with clean bathroom and showering facilities within a short distance to lodging/camping areas. Please visit their site: Our meals are entirely organic and prepared by Bohemian Buffet.

$250 Lodging (first come basis) / $225 Camping

We have room for 30 women. Please send non-refundable deposit of $50 to Leslene della-Madre, 1205 Enos Ave., Sebastopol CA 95472 by September 15th (cost is $275 thereafter.) You can also pay using PayPal. Remainder will be due upon arrival.

Space is limited. Please indicate if you are lodging or camping and if you prefer veggie, vegan or omni meals.

Reserve Now ~ 50.00 Deposit
Leslene della-Madre
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Leslene della-Madre, Midwifing Death

Soul Retrieval of the
Sacred Feminine

October 2nd-4th, 2009
Ocean Song
Occidental, CA

A weekend gathering of prayer, ritual and joyful expression for women in the pristine countryside of Sonoma County.

$225 - $250
includes all meals and accommodations

Soul Retrieval of the Sacred Feminine
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