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Community Media Center of Santa Rosa Featured Program for the Month of May...

The following episodes are available for purchase on DVD. Sample movie files have been provided for several of these broadcasts. Please click each episode for details and ordering options. Sample video streams are available on episodes with the television icon. Sample Video Clip


  1. What's Really Going On
  2. The Real War is on Womyn
  3. Please Stop Killing the Children Sample Video Clip
  4. Rape
  5. I Am Not a Rib Sample Video Clip
  6. Soul Retrieval of the Feminine
  7. Roots of Racism
  8. This is Not Eve's Fault
  9. Our Lady Nostradamus
  10. Mother Universe
  11. Reclaiming Mythology
  12. Ter-men-ator Men-tality
  13. The Matriarchal Mind
  14. Sound Bites of Womyn's Reality Sample Video Clip
  15. San Francisco and Sexual Slave Trade Sample Video Clip
  16. The Real Halloween Sample Video Clip
  17. The Hazards of Being Haggard Sample Video Clip
  18. She/Volution
  19. Thanksgiving Truth
  20. Womyn Are God
  21. Truth or Lies
  22. Exorcising Patriarchy
  23. Uncursing the Dark Sample Video Clip
  24. May Peace Prevail on Earth: Goodwill to all Womyn
  25. Mind Your Own Business, Donald Trump Sample Video Clip
  26. The Y Chromosome, Gyms, and Grasshoppers Sample Video Clip
  27. Does Anybody Ask "Y"? Sample Video Clip
  28. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Sample Video Clip
  29. Narcissism: Part One
  30. Narcissism: Part Two
  31. Narcissism: Part Three
  32. Narcissism: Part Four
  33. Narcissism: Slavery and Womyn Sample Video Clip
  34. Narcissism: Stalking the Soul Sample Video Clip
  35. Listen Up Ya'll
Wildfire is the Community Center of Santa Rosas' featured program for the month of May. View a full episode from their Video on the Web section. Click here and select your connection speed under Featured Program.

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