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Wildfire ~ Women helping Women...

The motivation for Wildfire ~ Tell-a-Vision For Womyn came from a shared viewpoint of both the host, Leslene della-Madre and producer, Keni Mae Meyer that the world is in deep trouble directly because of the way in which women are treated globally as second class citizens. The show evolved out of the dedication both women have to helping women.

By creating a television show that gives women a voice, both Ms. della-Madre and Ms. Meyer have offered something to the world, which is a space for women's reality to prevail-indeed a very rare event. Because women's reality and culture are denied and denigrated and because we live in a male dominant patriarchal paradigm that is mindlessly and heartlessly destroying the world, it has become obvious that the ONLY salvation for our species is women's wisdom.

Wildfire brings to the audience a sense of realness and honesty that is sorely missing in the media that is controlled by greed. Truly feminist wisdom is that timeless nectar of our ancestors that was shared at the sacred wells where women gathered to be together.

Wildfire is a modern-day well where women can gather through the ethers to find inspiration, truth, healing and remembrance.

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